20 Jan 2013

From the land of Mughals

While Bhopal is said to have been founded by the king Bhoja of the Paramara dynasty, the modern city of Bhopal was established by Dost Mohammad Khan in the late 1600s. Dost Mohammed Khan was an Afghan soldier in the Mughal army who later went on to become Nawab. Unfortunately, most Indians remember or relate to Bhopal as the city that saw the gas tragedy in the ‘80s, but forget that this is a city with a rich past, and that it was set up by the Mughals. As it happens, during the British Raj, Bhopal was the second largest Muslim state in India, after Hyderabad. The remains of the Mughal kingdom can be found at Islam Nagar, near Bhopal.

While in Bhopal, make sure to visit the following places, which tell the stories of the Mutual rule here:

The mosques:
Taj-ul-masjid (Photo Courtesy: islamicgalleryonline)
Moti Masjid (Photo Courtesy:beautifulmosques)
- Taj-ul-masjid - This is one of Asia's largest mosques, built by Nawab Shah Jahan Begum.
- Jama masjid - Built by Kudsia Begum.
- Moti masjid - Built by Sikander Jahan, daughter of Kudsia Begum.

Other architectural marvels:

- Shaukat mahal
- Sadar manzil
- Gohar mahal
Gohar Mahal, Bhopal (Photo Courtesy: Flickr)
Visit the Chowk for a walk down history lane. You can also shop here for jewellery and trinkets of silver.

There are also many museums, lakes, safari sports and other sightseeing opportunities in Bhopal. Some of them are the Bharat Bhavan, the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya museum, the Regional science centre, Van Vihar and also the aquarium. Make sure to visit the museums as they host a lot of interesting historical tales of Bhopal.
A Langur Drinking water at van vihar National Park (Photo Courtesy: Telegraph)

It’s a beautiful place to spend some quality to one from the land of the Mughals. Take a Bhopal Flights and take in the beauty of a city that is literally one from the land of the Mughals.