28 Jan 2013

Bheemeshwari : Weekend Getaway Near Bengaluru

Bangalore or Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka and commonly known as the silicon valley of India has always been popular among people who want to live in pleasant weather year-round. Also known as ‘Garden City’, ‘Pub city’ and ‘Rock/Metal capital of India’, Bangalore has always drawn the crowds. It is no wonder that it is the third most populated city of India. Rich in culture, this cosmopolitan city offers not just a variety of cuisines, but also has a vibrant theatre scene which caters to foreign as well as regional plays.
Mahaseer fishing in the Cauvery camp (Photo Courtesy: anglersclub)
The classical dance and classical music community here are also very active, as is the underground rock and metal music scene. While Bangalore is a great place to visit and explore, one of the best things about Bangalore is the umpteen weekend getaways that are a few hours’ drive away.

One such weekend getaway is Bheemeshwari. Just a   hundred kilometres away from Bangalore, which is about a two and a half hour drive, Bheemeshwari is located on the banks of the river Cauvery and amidst forests in Mandya district. One of the things it is known for is Mahaseer fishing. It is not far from Galibore fishing camp and Doddamakali adventure getaway. Try catching yourself a fish and make your own meal!
              Catching a breather after reaching the top(Photo Courtesy:Bakan)
Bheemeshwari has a lot of things to offer, particularly when it comes to adventure sports and outdoor activities. Situated between Barachukki and Gaganachukki and Mekedatu falls, it is a scenic place and since it is located in a forest area, you may get lucky and spot jackals, crocodiles or even a leopard! Deer are commonly spotted here, as are wild boar, monkeys, otters and elephants. A wildlife trek should be on your agenda for sure!

Besides a wildlife trek, you can also do a regular trek here as the hilly terrain makes for a good hike. For photography enthusiasts, the combination of river, hills and lush greenery make for amazing landscape shots. You can also go for a boat ride along the river to be mesmerized by some fabulous views. Fishing and angling while you’re on the boat is a different kind of thrill altogether.

For those who love adventure involving water, this is one of the best spots for kayaking. Once you are exhausted with all these outdoor activities, find yourself a nice clearing and eat and rest before you head back to Bangalore.
kayaking with crocodiles in bheemeshwari (Photo Courtesy:Rishu)
One of the most enjoyable weekend getaways, there are many ways to make your way here. Take any of the Bengaluru flights, considering Bangalore is the closest airport. You can then take a train from Bangalore to Bheemeshwari, or drive it. Don’t miss seeing this amazing place if you can help it!