19 Dec 2013

Submarine trip in Male

Male is one of those the quintessential beaches- white sands, clear blue seas and plenty of sun. Head down to the beach with a beach towel and a sun umbrella and sunscreen, sit back, relax and enjoy the view. It’s perfect for all those who want a lazy vacation.

Male beaches (Photo Courtesy: grauesmaeuschen.blogspot.com)
But relaxation is something any other location can offer. What’s special about beaches? Water sports, of course. Paragliding, jet skiing, diving, sailing, you name it. In fact, Maldives is known for its numerous diving schools that teach the basics of diving and give you the right equipment at a reasonable price. Male’s aquatic diversity is varied and so beautiful, an experience for both children and adults to enjoy.

Maldives diving schools(Photo Courtesy:  www.endangeredspeciesinternational.org)
But what really catches the tourists’ attention, especially for those who can’t dive, is the submarine tours. These tours take you 120 feet below and show you the aquatic life from the inside of a submarine with the top notch design. There are a number of companies that offer this service. They usually can carry up to 50 passengers, all with an individual porthole, which to look out of. Most of them have gotten good reviews in terms of service and safety. They are driven by highly qualified French pilots. There are supplies of food, water and other necessary provisions for around 100 hours. But so far, this has not been required- they’ve had 3000 successful trips. And all of them have been an enjoyable experience. Especially for kids, this ride would be a great way to spend a holiday. Male’s underwater life is so lush and so exotic, it is sure to keep anyone enthralled for the whole of the ride.

Maldives scuba diving (Photo Courtesy:  dreamvacationsmaldives.com)
The only real warning is that there are slim chances of not seeing too many fishes because all of it depends on the movement of the fish. But if you only look around carefully, you’d see how diverse it is actually. Do not go with expectations of seeing sharks and whales or even big fish. Try getting the most out of whatever you see, because even the smallest fish is part of the larger ocean. Enjoy the beauty of nature’s creations in whatever magnitude and you will be sure to have an enjoyable trip.

Maldives scuba diving (Photo Courtesy:  dreamvacationsmaldives.com)
Most reviewers have stated that it had been a wonderful journey and very much worthwhile. And this is possibly the greatest option for those who can’t dive, being able to view the beauty and the secrets of the waters. It’s also perfect for those who are not staying long enough to take a ten day long diving lesson but still want to enjoy the wonders of our oceans.

Male International airport is the main Airport in Maldives and is located on the Hulhule Island. Male flights connect Male to all major destinations like Dubai, Singapore, India to name a few.