19 Dec 2013

10 Family-friendly destinations in Kolkata

Kolkata, also known as Calcutta is situated on the banks of river Hooghly. Rich in its culture and history, it is known for its literary, artistic, and revolutionary heritage. The first newspaper in India, ‘The Bengal Gazette’ was also published in Kolkata. It is also known as the commercial or financial hub of east India.

Kolkata also offers some beautiful and informative places to visit. The top ten family-friendly places for sight-seeing in Kolkata are:

Victoria Memorial: A magnificent museum designed by Sir William Emerson comprises the photos and history of prominent personalities who left a mark in the glory of India. 
Victoria Memorial Hall (Photo Courtesy: en.wikipedia.org)
Howrah Bridge: Located on the Hooghly River, and stands on two 270 feet high pillars, Howrah Bridge is known to be the busiest bridge of the world. It has two sister bridges called Vivekananda Setu and VidyasagarSetu respectively.
Howrah Bridge (Photo Courtesy: www.outlookindia.com)
Birla Planetarium: One of the largest museums in Asia. A centre of Science, communication and environment, built by Birla Education trust, attracts a large audience with its astronomical presentations. It is a must visit place for Astronomy lovers and it also has a gallery comprising of paintings and models of renowned astronomers.
Birla Planetarium (Photo Courtesy: www.flickr.com)
Fort William: One of the most famous tourist attractions in Kolkata is Fort William. A lot of fairs and exhibitions take place in the ground situated there.
Fort William: (Photo Courtesy: www.kolkatabest.com)
Writers building: Serving as an inspiring place and abode for the junior writers of the East India Company, this building is known to have a gothic and unique architecture. 
Writers building: (Photo Courtesy: wikimapia.org)
Kali ghat Temple: Kali Ghat Temple is a magnificent temple situated on the banks of river Hooghly attracting innumerable religious tourists and devotees. It has a lot of religious and mythological context.
Kali ghat Temple: (Photo Courtesy: en.wikipedia.org)
Alipore zoo: Alipore zoo is India’s oldest Zoo. Spread over an enormous area, offering a wide species of animals and birds. You can also spot the rare white Bengal tiger if you are lucky. It also includes a separate reptile zoo, children’s zoo and an aquarium. 
White Tiger at Alipore zoo: (Photo Courtesy: www.telegraphindia.com)
Nicco Park: One of the biggest amusement parks in India, Nicco Park, is a very celebrated amusement park receives fun-lovers of all ages. It has a number of exciting rides and games. It also has a rose garden and an ecstatic view. It also is a treat for the food lovers with a huge variety of dishes from different cuisines.
Nicco Park: (Photo Courtesy: calcuttanow.blogspot.com)
Eden Gardens: Eden Gardens is the second largest stadium in the world. Though this is a famous Cricket ground, it also serves as a tourist attraction because of it legendary tales and past events.
Eden Gardens: (Photo Courtesy: www.bcci.tv)
NetajiBhavan: This was originally the house of NetajiSubash Chandra Bose and now serves as a museum including his photographs, belongings and letters.
NetajiBhavan: (Photo Courtesy: kolkataonwheelsmagazine.com)
Summers in Kolkata are really hot and humid with May being the hottest month. Winters last for around 2 months, which is a good time to visit the city.

Kolkata flights connect Kolkata to all the major cities with its NetajiSubhash Chandra Bose International airport. It also connects Kolkata to many international destinations.


  1. Nice pictures. The city boasts of a rich cultural heritage, evident in its distinct cuisine, clothing, lifestyle, its literature and even architecture. The cradle to Communist parties in India, kolkata is an embodiment of its ideologies. Check best places to visit in kolkata.

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