4 Jul 2013

Explore the Unexplored Beaches of Vizag

Popularly known as Vizag, Visakhapatnam is a metropolitan sea port city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. With a soaring population of over 1.5 million, it is one of the largest cities in the state and on the eastern coast of India. It covers an area of 544 square kilometers. It is famous for its state owned steel plants, manufacturing units and heavy metal industry. It is also known to be one of the biggest trading centres of the country owing to its natural harbour. It has the oldest shipyard in India.

The next biggest attraction of the city is its wide array of natural beaches, equipped with water sporting facilities and exotic resorts for the tourists. A large number of fun and commercial beaches along with some quiet and serene ones beckon tourists from far and wide. The Rushikonda Beach is 13 kilometers from the city and is the most famous beach in the area. The Sri Sapta Rusheswara Temple built in the 14th century lies on this beach. While Rushikonda is a commercial location, the Bheemunipatnam Beach is much calmer and safer. The calm waters and the sunset beyond give a sense of tranquility. It is situated at the mouth of river Gosthani and is surrounded by a landscape of lush green fields and vibrant climate.

Ramakrishna Beach is the closest beach, at a distance of 5 kilometers from Vizag. It is a popular tourist location and is often crowded. Food stalls and mini shopping centres are scatted across the sands here. A little further from the RK Beach is Lawson’s Bay Beach, on the way to Kailasagiri Hill. It has clear, golden-brown sand and thick vegetation. It captures the essence of a picturesque mother nature in its waters. most of the beaches are located in the same direction.

A road known as the Beach Road from the East Point colony leads towards the coastal areas and is dotted with parks and statues. It is meant for long evening walks while basking in the light of the setting sun. A good view of the Beach Road can be seen from the Kailasagiri hilltop park. It is a beautiful cliff point and overlooks the sea.

The Araku Valley, Ropeway and Borra Caves are some other important landmarks in the outskirts of the city. Within the city, exquisite temples and shrines dot the busy roads the bustling street life. Sagar Durga temple at Harbour, ISKCON temple at Sagarnagar, Shiridi Saibaba temples at Sitammadhara & East point Colony and the Simhachalam Temple are some of the popular religious destinations. Many tourists visit Vishakhapatnam for the sole purpose of touring these pilgrimage centres.

Cheap and frequent Visakhapatnam flights arrive from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune, bringing in tourists from all over the country.