19 Apr 2013

Morni Hills: Weekend Getaways Near Chandigarh

The beautiful range of Morni Hills lie in the Panchkula district of Haryana at a steeping altitude of 1,220 meters. The Morni village is a small establishment of people located 45 kms from Chandigarh. The picturesque hills are the perfect weekend getaways from a bustling city life. It is a well developed tourist destination and provides water sports, adventure sports and camping among other recreational activities.

The hills are subsidiaries of the geographically significant Shivalik range of the Himalayas and run in two parallel strips from the south east to the north west. The undulating ground has created chasms through which river Ghaggar flows freely. Two prominent lakes reside in the bed of these hills and are said to be connected by a hidden channel of water. The water levels in both lakes are the same even though they are separated by a hillock. The locals of Morni village perceive these water bodies as sacred and mysterious. An exquisite shrine built during the 12th century adds to the mysticism of this tourist spot. Numerous myths and legends have been associated with the Morni Hills. 
Clouds came down to play at Morni Hills (Photo Courtesy: bcmtouring)
The low range hills, the remnants of an old fort, the patio fields and the typical forest trees beckon a nature lover for adventure. It is the perfect destination for camping, rock climbing, rappelling and trekking. Tourists agree that this is the most exotic holiday retreat. The forest department and the government have developed rest houses to accommodate the tourists and private resorts increase opportunities for people to visit this serene location.

The hills are also “crowned” with a large number of pine trees. There is much to be discovered in these hills and the lakes that punctuate them. The natural and man made lakes make provision for water sports like canoeing, boating, kayaking and sailing. Tikker Taal is one such lake that is divided into Bada Tikkar and Chota Tikkar.
Boating at the lake in Morni Hills (Photo Courtesy: dhirajkhatri)
The lush green hillside offers ample opportunity for explorers to go on long treks and discover the wild flora and fauna. Several species of wild animals like wild boars, jackals, hyenas and even leopards are found here. It is also a haven for the most colourful birds which are rarely found in other parts of India. Some of these magnificent beauties are Crested Kingfisher, Himalayan Bulbul, Red Peafowl, Bar-tailed Treecreeper and the Oriental Turtle Dove.

Winters in Morni are cold and luxuriously quiet. They start during October and get coldest in January-February. These months are perfect for bird watching and spending some peaceful time with nature. Summers are from March to June and are quite warm. March is ideal for terrestrial activities like trekking, rock climbing and rappelling. Monsoons are humid with intermittent rain falls in July and August.

The most convenient way to get to Morni is through Chandigarh. Chandigarh flights are frequent and available from a number of destinations like New Delhi, Srinagar and Mumbai. From Chandigarh, one can reach Morni easily by road. 


  1. Morni hills is a great place. When I was in Chandigarh, I really like to visit on Saturdays.

  2. The most exotic holiday retreat for the tourists is the Morni Hills. It is the perfect destination for camping, rock climbing, rappelling and, trekking. The convenient way to reach the weekend getaway is through Chandigarh.

  3. Morni Hills is the beautiful range that lies in the Panchkula district of Haryana. These picturesque hills are associated with several myths and legends which offers an ample of opportunity to explorers.