25 Dec 2012

Matheran: Weekend getaway near Mumbai

One of the best weekend getaways near Mumbai is Matheran. Matheran was discovered by Hugh Poyntz Malet, the then district collector of Thane district in May 1850. It is one of the smallest hill stations of India. About a hundred kilometres away from the bustling, busy city of Mumbai, Matheran offers a peaceful quiet that’s very rare today.
A weekend getaway to Matheran (Photo Courtesy: gypsiesatheart)
You can take a train to Neral from Mumbai and then take a local train to Matheran. Enjoy spectacular views along the way. You can also drive up till Dastiru Naka which is the last point until which public vehicles are allowed, and then take local transport to Matheran. The fact is, vehicles aren’t allowed in Matheran, so there’s no scope for pollution from this source. The main mode of transport here is by horseback or single seater hand pulled rickshaws.
The train ride to Neral is one for the memories. (Photo Courtesy: Lonely Planet)
Enjoy some quiet long walks by the lakes, and have your breath taken away by the views of gorgeous green hills 360 degrees around you, whether in the monsoons or the dry season. Perched on the western ghats, Matheran has been declared an eco sensitive region by the Union Environment Ministry. You can enjoy the beautiful British style architecture and the fabulous weather which makes this place a great summer getaway.
The picturesque Charlotte Lake (Photo Courtesy: Touristlink )
Matheran is a haven for people who like trekking. Other attractions include Mount Berry, from where you can get a view of the town Neral below. Charolette lake, a very pristine spot, is another tourist attraction where you can expect to see waterfalls in the monsoons. There are also of course the many lookout points for most picturesque views of Matheran. If you’re adventurous, you may also want to try the valley crossing on a rope.
A trek up the hill promises fun (Photo Courtesy: trekmatesindia)
Some of the sights to see or view points you can visit in Matheran are Alexander point, Rambag point, Little Chowk point, Big Chowk point, One Tree Hill point, Belvedere point, Olympia race course, Lords point, Charlotte lake, Pisharnath Mahadev Mandir, Celia point, Echo point, Porcupine point, Panorama point, Khandala point, Madhavji garden and point, Louisa point and Mayra point. The Matheran Railway station itself is also beautiful in it’s quaintness.
Closer to the Nature, Louisa Point, Matheran (Photo Courtesy: heyitsmariel.tumblr.com)
Take the ropeway to swing across the valley.(Photo Courtesy: SachinkGupta)
While there’s not too much shopping opportunity in Matheran, the main road is lined with many little shops that sell sweets, snacks and trinkets.One can stay in Matheran within a relatively low budget and make the best of it with a good amount of hiking and eating good food.
Horses are preferred to horsepower in Matheran (Photo Courtesy:Virtual Tourist)
It’s a great place to visit as a couple, as a family or even with a group of friends. For those in Mumbai, this is a must visit. The closest airport to Matheran is the Mumbai airport. Take a flight to Mumbai and make your way to Matheran for a great getaway.


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