19 Dec 2012

Madhe Ghat: Walking through the clouds

About 55km south of Pune, in the Raigad district, is one of the most beautiful weekend getaways for folks living in Pune - Madhe ghat, the photographers’ and nature lovers’ paradise. Nestled among the Sahyadri mountains 1,950 metres above sea level, it makes for a great trekking spot and weather permitting, an incomparable nature photography spot. The best time to visit this place is between June and December, although the weather is perfect for a holiday even in the month of May. Still a developing hill station and not yet very well known, Madhe ghat is surrounded by forest and is very cold and foggy, so make sure to carry a jacket and an umbrella or a raincoat too, to protect yourself from the rain.
A foggy afternoon at Madhe Ghat
 The route to Madhe ghat is not well developed, so brace yourself for a rough ride. The easiest way to get to this place is by bike or on foot, although you can manage to get here by car. The two ways to get to Madhe ghat are via Pabe Khind and via Nasrapur. A lovely drive hour long drive through ghat sections and curved roads later, you’ll be greeted by a waterfall and the most breathtaking sights.
Pitch your tent in the lush greenery 
 Right from bright yellow sunflower fields to dense green, fog filled forests and beautiful sights of clouds descending on the hills, this place makes you feel as though you’re living in a dream or like you’ve set foot in heaven. Cattle in the fields that you pass will be barely visible, so thick is the fog. Low visibility may not be the only thing to slow you down though; on your way to Madhe ghat from Pune, make sure to stop for some hot missal pav to fight the cold and keep hunger at bay. Once you hit Velhe village, you have reached the base of Madhe ghat and you can go forth and explore.
A treat to the photographer's eye
As it happens, “Madhe ghat” is the ancient route along which the body of Tanaji Malusare, one of Shivaji’s great warriors who died fighting at the Kondana or Sinhagad fort, was carried to his native village in Konkan. 

Madhe ghat offers some of the best views and there is almost always a blanket of cloud over the hills. Walking around here gives the impression of walking through the clouds. So why not make a weekend trip out of this lovely, scenic place? All you need to do is get on any pune flights, rent a car to make your way up to Madhe ghat and enjoy the chilly yet picturesque surroundings. Soak yourself in this beautiful place to relax before you get back to greet the week ahead with a content smile.