16 Oct 2012

Lonavala: Weekend Getaway Near Pune

About 64km away from Pune city is a lovely hill station called Lonavala. Accessible from Pune by train or road, this beautiful hill station is a must visit during the monsoons when you can see what true lush greenery is. Lonavala is 625m above sea level, and looking out of your hotel room window, you will possibly see hills that look like their tops have been sliced right off. Yes, Lonavala hosts some of the best views of the Deccan Plateau. Enjoy these exquisite views and have a memorable vacation with family or friends!
Without a doubt, this terrain allows for trekking and hiking and of course, sightseeing. 
Ten things that one should consider doing when in Lonavala are:

1. See Lion’s Point, where the hills take the shape of a lion amidst the waterfalls. It's breathtaking.
A Scenic View from Lion's Point in Lonavala (Photo Courtesy: India Nature Watch)
2. Check out the Celebrity Wax museum and feel like you’ve been transported to an Indian version of Madame Tussauds.
Celebrity Wax Museum in Lonavala (Photo Courtesy : Kids Stop Press)
3. Visit Tiger Point for some fantastic views, weather permitting. That is, when the fog clears.
Tiger's Point in Lonavala (Photo Courtesy: Chandra Sekar, Flickr )
4. Take a little tour of history - make sure to see the ancient Karla caves and travel back in time.
                                              Karla caves, Lonavala (Photo Courtesy: sorabh) 
5. Lohgarh Fort is a must see for a good trek and some really good views.
Lohgarh Fort in Lonavala (Photo Courtesy: PlacesNearPune)
6. A long walk in the mountains to the beautiful Tungarli lake is a great place to have those reflective moments.
Tungri lake , Lonavala (Photo Courtesy: IndiaUnveiled)
7. The Divine Ekvira Devi temple is worth a visit for a darshan, a lovely view and a trek, if you decide to walk up rather than drive. 
8. Go to Della adventure park for some adventure rides in the midst of the beauty of Lonavala.
Della adventure park, Lonavala (Photo Courtesy: Dellatecnica)
9. Valvan lake makes for some relaxation by the lakeside.
Valvan lake Lonavala (Photo Courtesy: cameranirvana)
10. Korigad fort is again a place for a good trek and a wonderful view.
Korigad fort, Lonavala  (Photo Courtesy: mountainmavalas)
Lonavala, with its quaint railway stations, rich food and kadak chai, is known as the romantic getaway, and people of Mumbai and Pune love taking time off from their busy lives to relax here. It's famous for the Indian sweet, chikki as well so you can give your sweet tooth something to lust after.That's a good way for couples in love to add a touch of sweetness to their lives while on their visits here as well.  Make sure to take some back with you after your visit here.
Definitely a great place to visit, particularly in the monsoons when the rains add to the beauty of this hill station. After all these years, Lonavala has not lost its reputation as being a great holiday and honeymoon destination. And as it's not far from Pune, all you need to do is get on any of the flights to Pune and make your way to this beautiful weekend getaway.


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