11 Oct 2012

Explore the unexplored Goa

A tourist place that would be very human in that it could use the line “But I’m so much more than that!” is Goa. Thronged by tourists from September to March, Goa is well known for beaches, thriving night life and delicious seafood. Little known is the incredible Goa that’s on the flip side of this coin. It’s true, hidden from the eyes of the regular tourist, this state has another personality.

Take a flight to Goa, hop on a train if you’re the kind to plan in advance, or drive there if you’re close enough, and consciously move away from the beaches. Besides the sea, Goa has much to offer.

The Western Ghats - We tend to forget that Goa lies tucked deep in the Western Ghats, and so has all the richness of a tropical rainforest. For those who love nature, go trekking or visit wildlife sanctuaries such as the Bondla Wildlife sanctuary. Pay a visit to the Dr. Salim Ali Bird sanctuary too. You can go on walks or safaris to spot birds, see sambars, wild boars, and more in these forests.

During the monsoons, the greenery comes alive, glistening a deeper green and feeding one of the tallest waterfalls in the country, in fact one among the 100 highest waterfalls in the world - the DudhSagar waterfall. The name literally translates to ‘Sea of Milk’, so known because of how milk-white it looks in its descent.

The architecture - a combination of the Portuguese and Indian, the art galleries and museums, the old forts, churches and temples are a must visit as well. Goa has a rich history and the beautiful local handicrafts, quaint market places, attitude of the people and carnivals speak volumes about that past. It’s time to go explore the unexplored Goa!