10 Jun 2014

Popular Attractions in Mysore

Mysore is the heart of culture and heritage and is one of Karnataka’s, if not the whole of India’s most popular tourist attractions. The city is known for many things: its Dasara, charming old lanes, sandalwood, its yoga centers, the famed Mysore silk, palaces, the jasmine (Mysore mallige), and the food among others. No wonder then that the city found itself on the New York Times’ list of 31 places to visit in the world, back in 2010. The city found itself at the No. 4 spot.

Mysore mallige (Photo Courtesy: http://toptropicals.com)
If you are a yoga aficionado, you must take a trip to the centre for Ashtanga Yoga, popularised by Pattabhi Jois the yoga master. You could just walk the streets and observe life go, in an R K Narayan-esque way, if one may say so. The famed author of Malgudi Days lived in Mysore, and the city’s old-world languid lifestyle makes a presence in the author’s books. Book your tickets on one of the flights to Mysore if you want to experience all of the above. The list of places to visit in Mysore is no small one, and the options are endless. Instead we’ll pick the top five places you must visit while in the city.

Ambavilas Palace: The palace defines the splendour of Mysore, and is said to have been the official residence of the Wodeyars of Mysore, the kings who ruled the city. The palace has durbar halls, gardens, courtyards and huge arches.

Ambavilas Palace (Photo Courtesy: http://pixels.com)
Jaganmohan Palace: This palace was used when the Ambavilas Palace was being reconstructed after a fire reduced the old palace to ashes. The Jaganmohan Palace was built in 1861, and houses an art gallery today.

Jaganmohan Palace (Photo Courtesy: http://worldfortspalaces.blogspot.in)
Chamundi Hills: The hills that are always a presence in R K Narayan’s books are inspired by the Chamundi Hills. The temple atop the hill is dedicated to Goddess Chamundeshwari, and has been the deity of the Wodeyars for centuries.

Chamundi Hills (Photo Courtesy: http://www.itslife.in)
Lalitha Mahal: This is a heritage property and with a huge stairway made of marble, a ballroom with three domed skylights. The palace was built back in the 1920s for the stay of the then Viceroy of India. Later, it became a guest house for European guests.

Lalitha Mahal (Photo Courtesy: http://www.fullstopindia.com)
KRS and Brindavan Gardens: No trip to Mysore is complete without a visit to the Krishna Raja Sagara dam, also known as KRS to the locals. The chief engineer of the dam was none other than the famed Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya, or Sir M V. The Brindavan Gardens in the vicinity is a nice park with the famous musical fountain.

Musical Fountain in Brindavan Gardens, Mysore(Photo Courtesy: http://www.veethi.com)
Mysore Dasara

A special mention must be made of Mysore Dasara, an event that brings hordes of tourists, both national and international to Mysore. Called Nada Habba, or the state festival, Mysore Dasara, the celebrations are being held for over 400 years now. The main attraction is the palace, which is all lit up with one lakh light bulbs.

Mysore Palace lit with 1 lakh Bulbs (Photo Courtesy: http://blog.theotherhome.com)
The festival also includes music concerts, dance shows and a range of other cultural activities, so book your tickets during the Dasara festivities on one of the Mysore flights and have fun!


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