2 Mar 2014

Tourist Destinations in Jabalpur

Madhya Pradesh is a place steeped in history, and there are enough reasons to visit this state. One of them could well be Jabalpur, the most tourist friendly city in Madhya Pradesh. Hills, ponds, rivers, waterfall, historic monuments - Jabalpur checks all the right boxes when it comes to what a tourist wants from a locale. A one-day visit wouldn’t do justice to Jabalpur if your trip is about soaking the sights and sounds of the city. Here are some of the must-see places in Jabalpur:

Bhedaghaat: A popular boating site 25 km away from the main city, Bhedaghaat is one of the most favored picnic spot for tourists visiting Jabalpur. Boating in River Narmada between the gleaming rock will remain etched in your memory for years to come. It’s no surprise that many a Bollywood movies have been shot in this picturesque location, be it an action sequence or the dream song routine.

Bhedaghaat (Photo Courtesy: http://thinkingparticle.com)
Dhuaandhaar Waterfall: This waterfall makes a trip to Bhedaghaat even more worthwhile. The roaring sound and scattering of the water gives you the illusion of a fog, making it one of the most photogenic scenes to behold while on your trip to Jabalpur. 

Dhuaandhaar Waterfall (Photo Courtesy: http://mymptrip.com)
Dumna Natural Reserve: This Eco tourism spot gives you the perfect opportunity to spot wildlife such as chitals, spotted dear, porcupine, jackals, wild boar, and many rare species of birds in their natural habitat. Boating on Khandari Dam makes and the natural reserve’s proximity to Jabalpur’s Dumna airport make it a top draw on the tourist’s itinerary.

Dumna Natural Reserve (Photo Courtesy: http://wildexpeditionindia.com)
Bargi Dam and Narmada Valley: What makes Bargi Dam a hit with the tourists is the chance to indulge in water spots. Not to mention the dam itself, which is 69 meters in height and 5.4 km across. Only one word to describe the sight - spectacular!

Bargi Dam and Narmada Valley (Photo Courtesy: http://bargidam.blogspot.in)
There is much you can explore in Jabalpur. If you are traveling from a far-off place, flying down to Jabalpur will save on time if you have limited number of holidays. You will also have more time on your hands to see the place at a leisurely pace. When it comes to flights to Jabalpur, the city is well-connected to various parts of India as well as abroad. Go ahead, make a trip to Jabalpur. You will surely come back for more of Jabalpur!


  1. Good Work friend. Your images collection is very nice. It looks like beautiful places for visiting in this City. Jabalpur is a nice and most visiting city in India. I must visit in this city before my la to grand canyon tour. I am going this tour with my wife to enjoy the summer holidays. Grand Canyon is the major tourist attraction in the world.

  2. Lovely pics. Bhedaghat is an major tourist attraction 25 kms from here, famous for the Chausath Yogini Temple and the Dhuandhar Waterfalls. This temple dating back to the 10th century is devoted to Lord Shiva and has a number of ancient carvings and sculptures. The plunging Dhuandhar Falls in Narmada river are a visual delight, with their rough gushing and smoky cascading waters. Check out best hotels in Jabalpur also.

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  4. This temple dating from the 10th century is dedicated to Lord Shiva and has a series of ancient sculptures and sculptures. Bhedaghat is an important tourist attraction 25 km from here, famous for the Chausath Yogini Temple and Dhuandhar Falls. The fall of Dhuandhar Falls on the Narmada River is a visual delight, with its turbulent and smoky waters. Check out the best hotels in Jabalpur too.

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