23 Jan 2014

Male: 10 must do in Male

Male, the Island capital of Maldives, has a history of being a walled city surrounded with forts and gates. Though now the city is expanding and flourishing in the political and commercial hub at a very fast pace. Being an island city, Male provides a breath-taking sight. With lush green forests and sea around, and the rich historical background, Male has tourists coming in round the year to relax and have a peaceful holiday.

With its own artificial beach, colourful skyscrapers and historic sites Male manages to offer the tourists some interesting attractions.

Ten things that one must do in male :

1-    Visit the National Museum and Sultan park- Located in the same compound, it is a must see. The museum once used to be the Sultan’s house and now is converted to a museum with all the memorabilia- photographs, pictures, paintings, antiques, ornaments worn by the sultan etc.

National Museum (Photo Courtesy: http://re-explore.com)
 2-    Visit the Friday Mosque or Hukurumiskiiy- It is a beautiful piece of architecture from the past and has fascinatingly intricate coral stonecarving which leaves the tourists mesmerised.

Friday Mosque or Hukurumiskiiy (Photo Courtesy: http://www.themaldivestravel.com)
 3-    Visit the famous Islamic centre, situated next to Jumhooreemaidan, the main attraction here is the golden dome and the place is capable of accommodating 5000 people.

4-    Whale submarine- It’s a 40 minute submarine trip which shows you the underwater life and is pretty fascinating.

Whale submarine (Photo Courtesy: http://stingraybeachinn.com)
5-    Visit JumhooreeMaidan or the Republic square is the centerpoint of the city and is an important landmark. It has beautiful surroundings and serves as one of the most popular places for social gatherings.

JumhooreeMaidan or the Republic square (Photo Courtesy: http://rougedeluxe.blogspot.in)
6-    Visit Duniye Spa, a relaxing and overwhelming experience. The massage and hospitality takes away all the tiredness and is worth a visit.

Duniye Spa (Photo Courtesy: http://letsgomaldives.com)
7-    Dive the World is an excellent diving service. They provide you with amazing service and attention. The experience is worth!

8-    Visit the Fish Market as it is one of the most popular tourist spots in Male. The market is always crowded and active and provides you with the widest variety of fishes from all around the country.

9-    Shop at MajeedheeMagu, it is the main shopping street of the city. Apparels, Jewellery and other things can be found here.

10-    Visit the Artificial beach- Though Male does not have its own beach; they have created an artificial beach which is really popular among the tourists. The clear water, cool breeze and the warm sun makes it very relaxing for the people.

Artificial beach in Male (Photo Courtesy: http://www.bluepeacemaldives.org)
Male has warm weather throughout the year except the monsoons. The best time for tourists to visit Male is in the months of December and March when it is relatively cooler.

Male International airport is the main Airport in Maldives and is located on the Hulhule Island. Male flights connect Male to all major destinations like Dubai, Singapore, India to name a few.