5 Nov 2013

15 Tourist places in Ahemdabad

Ahemdabad, located on the river Sabarmati, famous as the retreat of the Father of Indian Nation, appeals to a large number of tourists mainly because of its landscapes, temples, museums, lakes and the mixed culture makes it worth a visit.

Check list of must-see places in Ahemdabad:   

  1. Sabarmati Ashram has a lot of historical value as some of the major events in the history of India’s independence and politics took place here. Built by an eminent leader Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, this ashram is situated on the banks of river Sabarmati.

  1. Manekchowk is one of the busiest places in Ahemdabad. The place is famous for the historical buildings. This place is that it is a vegetable market in the morning, Jewellery market in the noon and street food market in the evenings.  The variety and the affordable prices is what seize the attention of the tourists.

  1. SidiSayed Mosque is a place that glows with the charisma of medieval times, a reliquary of Muslim community in Ahemdabad. The vivid architecture and pattern of the place is mesmerising. It is known for itJhali screen carved out of a stone.

  1. Bhadra Fort is named after Bhadrakali, a famous temple and has a history of existence of royal palaces and grand beautiful gardens. The fort has ten gates around it for the tourists to enter, and each gate holds a different historical importance.

  1. Juma Masjid is in the list of the most beautiful buildings in India, carved in yellow sandstone, this building is an outshining blend of Hindu and Muslim architectural style.

  1. Calico Textile Museum has a splendid collection of textiles from the 17thcentury; one of the finest textiles museums in India.

  1. JhultaMinara or the shaking Minaret has a mysterious existence as you shake one minaret the other one starts to vibrate.

  1. Teen Darwazais an architectural masterpiece, situated in old Ahemdabad. It is a triple arched gateway and is a prominent landmark.

  1. KankariaLakeis a beautiful lake with a summer palace in the centre called NaginaWadi. The lake is surrounded by aquariums, boat clubs and a zoo.

  1. Akshardham Temple is a beautiful piece of architecture, proudly showcasing the religious strength and thus attracting thousands of devotees and tourists.

  1. Science City is a brilliant initiative by the government of Gujrat to promote science and technology with interactive and informative activity corners, parks and theatres.

  1. Auto World museum has the largest and the best collection of automobiles in India. It has more than 100 priceless vehicles.

  1. Hathisingh Jain Temple is a beautiful white-marbled structure rich in historical context.

  1. Kamla Nehru zoo is one of the best zoos in India. Situated near a lake,  it is a beautiful and interesting place to visit.

  1. Law Garden is a perfect picnic spot. It has a lot of activities to engage the visitors in.
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