15 Apr 2013

Amboli: A Mystical Day in the Hills

A mystic hill station located in the periphery of Maharashtra, in the Sindhudurg district, Amboli is a relatively unexplored tourist destination. It is seated at an altitude of 690 m in the southern ranges of the Sahyadri hills. Given this strategic point of interest, it combines the chilling weather of a hill station with the lingering smell of the sea. The Amboli village reminds one of the lost tranquility of the oriental origin. The source of river Krishna lies in the heart of this village and owes its holy waters to the Shiva temple at the cave where the water originates.
Mystic roads of Amboli (Photo Courtesy: wonderjourney)
This natural ‘Eco Hot spot’ thrives in a diversified vegetation and houses several species of flora and fauna. While the wildlife is a primary tourist attraction, the natural beauty of the forest covered hills, soaked in ambrosial showers is a breathtaking sight. Mini waterfalls gushing down the slopes, heavy rains and mist covered horizons are characteristic of Amboli. It is surrounded by a thick canopy of trees and dense forest cover, especially on the Konkan coast. Those interested can spend days trekking and observing nature at the Mahadev Gad or Narayan Gad. Others can enjoy the peaceful echo of the waters at Nagatta Falls or even go fishing at Hiranya Keshi.
The natural ‘Eco Hot spot’, Amboli (Photo Courtesy: infomela)
Trek errs Paradise Mahadevgad Point, Amboli (Photo Courtesy: Roopesh Kohad, Flickr)
While it remains one of the lesser known tourist spots, more than 50,000 people visit Amboli each year to release themselves from their stressful lives and get enchanted in the lap of Mother Nature. Exotic resorts and cottages are available to pamper the senses. The people of Amboli are fun loving and helpful. Hindi and Marathi are the most popular languages spoken.

Even though Amboli is not a registered wildlife sanctuary, there are many informal places of observation where the rarest species of plants and animals are found in abundance. The forests of Amboli constantly surprise animal lovers with some indigenous species of frogs, geckos, butterflies, snakes and other reptiles. Bird watchers can have a visual treat of a wide range of birds, given they are patient and observing.
Amboli's abundant waterfalls are thronged by tourists looking for a slice of serenity(Photo Courtesy: bestpicnicspots)
The summers are mild and warm, whereas winters are characterised by severe coldness with the temperature, at times, dropping to less than 10 degrees. However, winters are the best times to enjoy the transcendental beauty of Amboli, a nature’s gift. Monsoons begin in June and go in till October. They refresh the scenery and sprinkle the forests with intermittently spaced waterfalls.
While Amboli boasts of spectacular flaura, it only takes a closer to look to uncover its wildlife.(Photo Courtesy: saevus)
Some other places to visit near Amboli include Vengurla, 57 km from Amboli, which is famous for its beaches; Tarkalri, 101 km from Amboli, a place known for its forts and temples and the Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary at a distance of 114 km from Amboli. Some of the nearest cities in Maharashtra and Karnataka include Kolhapur, Belgaum, Sawantwadi and Ajara. Belgaumflights to Amboli are easily available and transport people from Bangalore, Mysore and other parts of Karnataka. Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai are also connected by air.


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