1 Mar 2013

Monsoon Getaways in Mumbai

Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra is the most populated city of India and the fourth most populous city in the world. It also happens to be the richest city in India, and has a natural harbour. Mumbai has always maintained its reputation as the commercial and entertainment capital of the country. In fact, older movies in Bollywood also reflect this - they constantly portray Mumbai as the city to migrate to for a good job, and Mumbai has a high number of migrants from within the country and outside. Mumbai is also the home of Bollywood and most Bollywood actors live in this city.
The quaint Karnala Fort Village (Photo Courtesy: topbesttouristplaces.blogspot.in)
Incredibly scenic views adorn Kamala Fort (Photo Courtesy: rkmenon)
Monsoons in Mumbai are the time of the year when there is love in the air and a skip in everyone’s step. Between June and September, the weather is cooler though still humid and the city takes on a new avatar. The best thing about the season though, is the possibilities that open up in terms of monsoon getaways to visit around Mumbai. You should visit:
The Mulshi backwaters are a picturesque destination (Photo Courtesy: trekearth)
The Mulshi Dam. Calm, serene, and beautiful.(Photo Courtesy: indianaturewatch)
Be at one with nature at the Malshej ghat. (Photo Courtesy: ebharatdarshan)
 1. Karnala Fort: For a view of the Sahyadris lush green with rain, streams and waterfalls, and the Karnala fort.

2. Mulshi: Get a lovely view of the Mulshi dam, boating at Mulshi lake and trekking in the Hattihant and Pagota hill ranges. 

3. Malshej ghat: Here’s where you can see the biodiversity around Mumbai at its best. Trek on the Sahyadri mountains for sights of rabbits, peacocks, flamingos and maybe even a tiger or a leopard!

4. Lohgad fort: Trek up to the fort for a fantastic view of the Tung and Tikona hills, Duke’s nose and Pavana dam. You can also check out the Karla and Bhaje caves and fulfill your need for picturesque sights.

5. Kashid: Spending a lazy, rainy day by the beach while indulging in a good seafood dish is one of the best ways to relax.
Lohgad fort - a trekker's paradise.(Photo Courtesy: hemanthkatta)
Lohgad fort - incredible views as far as the eye can see.(Photo Courtesy: imgur.com)
Everything you need to unwind at the Kashid beach.(Photo Courtesy: Jittu)
Mumbai alone has a lot in store, but these places are something else altogether. A Mumbai flight and a short drive are the only two things that will keep you from enjoying Mumbai and its surroundings in the monsoons!