21 Feb 2013

Top 5 Festivals in Nepal

Capital of Nepal, Kathmandu is the largest urban agglomeration in Nepal and lies surrounded by mountains. Tourism is one of the major industries of Nepal and Thamel is the traveller’s destination of Kathmandu. One of the things that draws people to Nepal though, besides the beauty of the place, is the different types of festivals they have, and the way they are celebrated. Here’s highlighting the top five festivals of the country and Kathmandu city, something you should not miss for the world!
 The living goddess Kumari returning to Kumari Ghar after observing a Seto Machhindranath parade (Photo Courtesy: WikiMedia Commons)
1.  The Machchhindra Jatra

This festival celebrates the guardian deity of Nepal, Machchhindra, and is generally held on the first of Baisakh (the second month of the Hindu calendar). The celebration begins with bathing of the idol in the holy waters of Bagmati, and then it is taken to Patan, another city in Nepal where it remains for a month before being moved back to its home. While the celebrations generally happen once a year, every twelfth year, it is celebrated as a more special function.

2. Bajra Jogini Jatra

Celebrated by both Buddhists and Hindus, this is a season that is celebrated at the third of Baisakh. The celebration of the festival happens at Kharg Jogini temple at Manichur mountain near Sankhu. A fire is kept burning near an image of a human head at the temple and an image of the Goddess is placed on a wooden shrine to be carried through the town by the men.

3. Siti Jatra

Taking place on the twenty - first of Jeth (the third month in the Sikh calendar), the celebrations happen on the banks of river Vishnumati. The people who arrive to celebrate the festival first have a feast and then they are divided into two teams to have a stone throwing competition. Historically, the person captured by the winning team would be sacrificed to the Goddess, but in modern times, it is just a lighthearted game enjoyed by children.

4. Gathia Mangal or Ghanta Karn

Celebrated during Sawan (the fifth month in the Sikh calendar), it involves the Newars making a straw figure, and beating it and dragging it along the streets and burning it by the end of the day. This signifies the victory over a Rakshasa or demon, who was driven away from the country.

5. Banra Jatra

Celebrated twice a year - during Sawan and Bhadon (the sixth month in the Sikh calendar), this festival is celebrated late at night.
Devotees stand in a line to offer prayers during a Janmashtami festival (Photo Courtesy: boston)
Mass Bath  During the Swasthani Festival, Nepal (Photo Courtesy: somewr)
Elephant Dance in Indra festival, Nepal (Photo Courtesy: tamilandvedas.wordpress.com)
A woman gives cow’s milk to a child during Gai Jatra, an annual cow festival. (Photo Courtesy: wodumedia)
Performers wear painted faces and ornate headgear during Yomari Puni festival, nepal (Photo Courtesy: hungeree)
Other festivals that are celebrated in Nepal and Kathmandu are a pleasure to watch as well, so you should definitely take any Kathmandu Flights and make a trip to Kathmandu just to watch the beauty of this culture as it unravels before your eyes.


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