31 Dec 2012

36 hours in Dehradun

Tucked in the Himalayan region, Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand lies between two of India’s mightiest rivers, the Ganga and the Yamuna. Known for its beauty, Dehradun is any traveller’s favourite destination. Currently, Dehradun is being developed as the alternative centre of growth to ease the population growth in Delhi. Dehradun is proud home to institutes such as Forest Research Institute and other well known institutions such as Oil and Natural Gas Corporation and Survey of India. Dehradun is also a really popular pit stop en route to places like Rishikesh, Haridwar and Mussoorie.

Since it’s in the Garhwal region, the culture here is highly influenced by those of the Garhwali people and the languages spoken here are Hindi and Garhwali. This city is well known throughout the country for its educational institutions too. Dehradun was also home to some well known artists and writers including Ruskin Bond and David Cling.
An amazing view of the Himalayas (Photo Courtesy: tourismguideindia)
Dehradun is a haven for those who love taking pictures that strongly define small but fast growing towns in North India. Certain spots offer amazing views of the Himalayan ranges and of course, in the winters it is quite cold so its advisable to dress warm.

As a visitor in Dehradun, make sure to spend at least 36 hours to feel the essence of this city. The must-see places include:
The Forest Research Institute Museum, Dehradun (Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia)
1. Forest Research Institute Museum: Right from the architecture of the building to the display of every aspect of forestry in the country, this place is lovely. Most Indian forest officers are trained here.

2. Ram Rai Durbar: Built by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb who supported this Sikh school of thought, this white marble mausoleum has Ram Rai and his four wives.
A monk at the Mindrolling Monastery, Dehradun (Photo Courtesy:Sudev S)
3. Mindrolling Monastery: See the world’s tallest stupa as well as a gold Buddha statue and enjoy the vastness of this monastery and everything in it.

4. Tapkeshwar temple: This Shiva temple is on the banks of Tons Nadi river and especially good to visit during Shivratri.

5. Geology Museum: It’s always exciting to see fossils and various rock formations.
Pachyderms frolicking at the Jim Corbett National Park, Dehradun (Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia)
Besides this, Dehradun is also a great place for food. Some of the popular restaurants are China King Ginger N Garlic, Motimahal, Yeti Restaurant, Ellora’s Melting Moments and Kumar Vegetarian and South Indian Restaurant. Dehradun also has no shortage of nature related activities and national parks. Lots of trekking, rock climbing, rafting and related adventure sports can be enjoyed here. National parks also surround the region, if you’re interested in seeing some wild elephants, and if you’re lucky, a leopard or two!

Dehradun is well connected with flights to Dehradun from every major city; this is definitely a place to visit.


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