7 Nov 2012

Guwahati: The gateway to the seven sisters

Guwahati is known as the gateway to the seven sisters because it acts as a gateway between the rest of India and the seven states in the North Eastern region of India. While Dispur is the capital of Assam, Guwahati is the largest city. It has many ancient Hindu temples, and is also known as “The City of Temples”.

Experience the food in Guwahati at restaurants like Khorika restaurant and Paradise restaurant. Assamese food, unlike the food in other parts of the country are not spicy, they are more bland. It’s a unique and great taste!

There are also quite a few sights to see, and these include:

-  Urra Tara temple: One of the most beautiful temples of the city, it is very beautiful. There are also ponds in the centre, which make it more picturesque.
Urra Tara Temple, Guwahati (Photo Courtesy: eagersnap)
- Sukeshwar Ghat park: A quaint little park opposite a few temples in the Sukeshwar Devalaya.

- Nabagraha Mandir: This temple hosts nine ancient stone Shiva Lingams. A must visit for the religious and the history buffs.

- Assam State Museum: Definitely worth going to, this museum has a great collection that hosts many culture related artifacts, sculptures and so on.
Assam State Museum, Guwahati (Photo Courtesy: placeforholidays)
- Kamakhya Mandir: This is a temple known for performing tantric sensual worship.
Kamakhya Mandir, Guwahati (Photo Courtesy: guwahatiservices)
- Nehru Park: A typical park to take an evening stroll.

- Other attractions include: Dighalipukhri, Peacock Island, Garchuk Lachit Garh, Chandubi lake, Rudreswar temple, Doul Govinda temple, Nepali Mandir, Deepor Beel bird sanctuary, Umananda temple, Sarania Pahar and so on.

Deepor Beel bird sanctuary, guwahati
A group of Greater Adjutant Stork search for food in Deepor Beel bird sanctuary (Photo Courtesy: guwahatiservices)
Chandubi Lake, guwahati
The Chandubi Lake , Guwahati (Photo Courtesy: gettourinfo)
Dighali Pukhuri, guwahati
Dighali Pukhuri, guwahati (Photo Courtesy: Beyond lust)
There’s more to see in this city, and it is a shopaholic’s paradise! The well known joints include Pan Bazaar, Paltan Bazaar and Fancy Bazaar to shop and eat. Plan your vacation in advance, take a flight to Guwahati and enjoy this beautiful North Eastern city.


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