19 Oct 2012

Things to do in Mangalore

Mangalore is the chief port city of Karnataka and demographically diverse with people who speak Tulu, Konkani and Kannada. It is a typical Indian coastal town, but has its own specialties and stands out in many respects. For one, there are many religious structures that make for great sightseeing spots, and then there is something Mangalore is famous for - the seafood!
Here's a list of places you should see when you're in Mangalore:
1. Nehravathi river - With its origins in Gangamoola in Kudremukh, this is considered one among many of India's Holy rivers as it flows through Dharmasthala, a famous pilgrimage spot.
2. Bahubali - Bahubali was a Jain kevali and you will see his statue here in Mangalore.

3. The beaches - There are many beaches in Mangalore that are worth a visit. One of the more famous beaches is Udupi beach, and others include Tannirubhavi beach and Panambur beach. Watch the sunset here, relax and take some pictures for posterity.
4. Mangaladevi temple - This is a must-see not only for the religious, but for everyone. Be astounded by the beautiful architecture and lovely colours of the temple. The city's name is derived from the name of this Goddess.
5. Sultan battery - This is a tower that was constructed by Tipu sultan in 1784, definitely worth a visit.
6. Milagres church and St. Aloysius Chapel - For a touch of history and religion.
Enjoy the curving ghat roads as you drive from one spot to another and of course, stop for a scrumptious meal on the way. Topping the list of things to be had is the fish curry and rice, and second, the prawn preparation that is Karnataka's coastal speciality. Hop on a flight to Mangalore to experience all of this.